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There are plenty of mobile phone plan providers to choose from, and it can be hard to pick with so many great options! That’s why we’re here to help. We’ve gathered a few of the best mobile phone plan providers in New Zealand for you to have a closer look at.

Skinny logo

Skinny mobile have been providing their customers with great value mobile plans for many years now. Skinny was established to provide people all around New Zealand with mobile plans that are stripped back so that you only have to pay for the things you actually want, at low prices.

With Skinny mobile, you can get rollover minutes and data so that nothing is wasted! One of Skinny’s most popular prepaid phone plans is their 4-weekly plan that offers unlimited calling minutes, unlimited texts, 1.25gb of rollover data and 200 rollover minutes to New Zealand and Australia.

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2degrees is the newest full service telecommunications provider in New Zealand, and have become one of the most popular mobile providers to this day. They pride themselves on their excellent customer service and their general willingness to help their customers. 2degrees offers a wide range of mobile plans to suit everyone, from prepay plans, to pay monthly.

One of 2degrees’ mobile specialities is their unlimited mobile plans, where the more people you add to it, the cheaper it becomes per person.

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Warehouse mobile

Warehouse Mobile make mobile plans ‘surprisingly easy,’ making it super easy to switch mobile providers to Warehouse Mobile and offering plans that stick to the basics - nothing too fancy!

They offer fantastic credit rollover and data rollover features in their plans and what’s more, they give you free calling and texting between Warehouse Mobile customers - meaning you can chat to your friends and family that are with Warehouse Mobile, any time, anywhere for free!

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Since 2009, Slingshot have been delivering great value mobile plans to Kiwis all around New Zealand. They’re committed to making mobile plans easy, simple to use and accessible, all at affordable prices.

Slingshot offer the convenience of postpay billing so that you can still get some of the best prepaid plans in New Zealand, with the option to pay after you’ve used the plan. Slingshot’s mobile plans are known to be some of the best available in NZ and they offer great customer service.

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Spark is one of the most respected and recognised mobile phone providers in New Zealand for a reason. They value their customers so are always doing their best to help them with great customer service and providing them with some of the best mobile plans.

Their pay monthly phone plans often come with extras such as free Lightbox and Spotify, to give their customers that little bit extra. There are many Spark mobile plans to choose from and you should be sure to check them all out!

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If you’re looking for one of the most reliable mobile companies in New Zealand, Vodafone should be the first company you look at. They’ve served over 3.7 million people in New Zealand and they don’t intend to stop there.

Vodafone’s flex plans gives you the option to pick and choose what you want, whether you’re wanting more data and less texts or more minutes and less data, and will adjust the price accordingly. It’s a great option as it’s flexible to suit your needs and you get carry over benefits too! Vodafone offers other mobile plans too like prepaid phone plans and pay monthly plans.

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Why Compare Mobile Phone Plans With CompareBear?

From start to finish

From start to finish, we’ll make sure that all of your mobile phone plan needs are met. All you have to do is tell us about your phone plan needs and we’ll gather the best mobile phone plans from around New Zealand that suit your needs and lay them out for you to compare them with ease.

Compare phone plans in minutes

Comparing mobile phone plans in New Zealand doesn’t get any easier than with CompareBear. We make it simple for you by putting all of the phone plans based on your requirements in one place so that you can compare them in just minutes. Whether you’re after the cheapest mobile plans in NZ or the best value phone plans, you’ll be able to find it in no time at all. Comparison is made fast and effortless with CompareBear.


Not only will you make great savings by choosing a mobile phone plan that’s cheaper than what you could’ve paid for otherwise, but our tool is also 100% free! Found your mobile plan? Simply click on the green button to sign up and switch mobile companies!

The types of plans

1 Prepaid Plans

If you’re on a tight budget, getting a prepaid phone plan might be the way to go for you. A prepaid phone plan is where you pay the provider an amount of money upfront in exchange for mobile credit that can be used for texting, calling and data usage. Each plan comes with different amounts, as some may only be a texting and calling plan, or some may be just texting and data, and the best prepaid plans in New Zealand also often come with a combination of the three.

These plans can be good if you’re worried about over-spending on your mobile phone plan as with the upfront payment, you’ll know exactly how much you’re paying and what you’re paying for in terms of the amount of texts, calling minutes and data you’ll receive. You also won’t be able to exceed the amount of texts, minutes and data that you paid for, so you won’t have that risk of incurring any extra charges. Some mobile phone providers such as 2degrees, Skinny and Spark offer carryover options so that any left over data or calling minutes can be used in the following month too, so they don’t go wasted!

By comparing mobile plans with CompareBear, you can the best prepaid plans available in NZ so that you can start saving on your monthly phone bill and you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for.

2 Postpaid Plans

Postpaid plans as you can guess from the name, are plans where you pay a fixed amount at the end of each month for the amount of texts, calling minutes and data you receive in the plan for that billing period. They’re also referred to as “pay monthly plans” for that exact reason as at the end of each month you owe money for the plan you’ve chosen.

Postpaid plans or pay monthly plans are useful for when you’re not too concerned about how much you’re spending, but instead just want the assurance that you can have texts, calling minutes and data whenever you need them, even after you’ve exceeded the amount that’s included in your plan. This works by allowing you to continue being able to use your plan features, as long as you pay for the extra charges later. You can get postpaid mobile data plans in NZ, postpaid calling and text plans and more.

3 Unlimited data mobile plans

The world now revolves around the internet, whether you’re on social media, playing an online game or just browsing the web. It’s also important to have data for emergency situations as you can use Google Maps when you’re lost and you can send a message through various apps like Facebook if you’ve run out of texts.

Having limited gigabytes of data can mean you always have to be cautious of how much data you’re spending and you may have to track how much data you’re using per day. That’s why getting an unlimited data mobile plan can be a great idea as it removes the cap for much data you can use per month, meaning that you can use as much data as you want. Getting unlimited mobile data in NZ is a wise choice and it’s something that many other Kiwis are doing too so that they can stay connected at all times. Start comparing unlimited data mobile plans in NZ with CompareBear now to find the right plan for you.


  • How much data, texts and minutes do I need?

    The amount of data, texts and minutes you need ultimately depends on your needs. If you’re someone who prefers to call your friends and family or need to constantly call people for your job, then you might want more minutes and less texts. On the other hand, if you like to watch videos and use social media outside of the house, then you may need more data.

  • Can you use a smartphone without a plan?

    You can a smartphone without a plan for everything apart from the texting and calling features and you won’t be able to use any applications requiring internet if you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection or a hotspot.

  • If I switch mobile plan providers, can I keep my existing number?

    Yes, you can keep your existing number if you switch mobile providers. Mobile providers recognise that keeping the same number is important to people so they don’t have to memorise an entirely different number! Some providers like Skinny however, offer free perks when you switch your number like 5gb free data.

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