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While fibre and copper broadband can be accessed throughout NZ, they’re not within easy reach outside urban areas. Fortunately, different providers offer wireless satellite internet plans in rural and remote regions where access to fast internet can be difficult. 

Satellite internet used to be really slow at only 2Mbps but this is gradually increasing as satellite providers improve their services. Rural homes can now enjoy an average speed of up to 70mbps.

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Considering the low population density in these areas, satellite plans can be more expensive than other broadband connections. It can cost anywhere between $59 to $700, depending on the provider. The great news is, some providers offer affordable deals with adjustable data, ideal for Kiwis who are on a tight budget. 

To learn more about satellite internet options in your area, here are the satellite providers that we compare here at CompareBear!


Lightwire has 220 broadband sites across New Zealand, making them the largest satellite internet provider in the country. When they acquired NetSmart Ltd in 2016, they expanded their broadband services to even more remote communities. They managed to connect 278 households and businesses in 2019, and are expected to connect more! Lightwire also has additional towers and hilltop sites to connect more users within 50 to 100 KM coverage.

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Unifone offers broadband wifi plans both for personal and business use in Otago and Southland. From his humble days in the university when he founded the company up until now, they’ve become the go-to network for students, homes, and businesses. With 60 wireless sites, they’ve grown to be among the fastest-growing companies with over 1,800 remote broadband users.

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Bluedoor supports a large portion of rural areas in NZ through its towers in Auckland. Given their wide broadband coverage, Kiwis can always expect reliable internet wherever they are. Bluedoor broadband is easy to install, thanks to its devoted customer service team. Considering the changing needs of each user, they offer "burstable speeds" where users can adjust bandwidth to control their data usage.

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Connecta ensures excellent internet solutions with its licensed frequency providers. Their cell sites have been upgraded by the government, making them the most reliable ISP in rural NZ. They offer plans with 4G LTE connections as well as high-speed satellite connections with a data allowance of up to 500GB and speeds of up to 10mbps.

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WIZwireless offers "virtual fibre" — a faster internet technology comparable to fibre broadband — in Wairarapa and Tararua. Their founders have received multiple awards for their dedicated and innovative products such as installing radio masts across the region to keep rural Kiwis in the loop.

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Gravity Satellite uses a revolutionary satellite technology that provides accessible internet to remote areas all over New Zealand. They provide smart and innovative internet solutions with personalised satellite plans. Gravity offers unlimited data plans at 30mbps — ideal for casual browsing and social media.

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Starlink offers next-generation connections to internet users around the world. They’re a subsidiary of SpaceX, founded by tech genius Elon Musk, making them a highly innovative broadband service. They’ve developed a satellite system from outer space, not using any cables and aboveground satellites. Starlink has also worked with professional astronomers to better understand the engineering that comes with advanced satellite broadband.

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