Top Student-Friendly Broadband Plans In New Zealand

Date Feb 22, 2021
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By Sieg C

Students need a fast and reliable broadband plan. But must we always compromise on price? Find out here.

Whether it’s for researching, reviewing documents, submitting requirements, or communicating with classmates, New Zealand's students need a fast and reliable broadband plan to get them through their academic demands.

There are plenty of broadband deals available from the leading providers in the country.  However, they can be rather expensive, especially for students. But no worries — some broadband companies now offer student-friendly broadband plans in New Zealand!

Check out if these affordable student-friendly broadband plans are available in your area.

What makes a broadband plan student-friendly?

Of course, the major consideration will always be the price! It has to be affordable so even students with a limited budget can pay for them monthly. After the price, here are other important factors to consider.

What activities will you use the internet for?

While a broadband plan with 10Mbps is more than enough for creative writing students that mostly submit word and spreadsheet documents, the same can’t be said for a film major that submits memory-demanding audio-video files.

Depending on your activities as a student, your broadband needs may vary. As a rule of thumb, know which activities take up the most bandwidth.

What type of broadband do you need?

In line with the first question, ask what broadband type you really need. Of course, it’s tempting to go fibre all the way as they offer the fastest speeds. However, it’s not always the best one. You may end up paying for fast broadband without really taking advantage of it.

VDSL and even ADSL are already fast and reliable enough for a wide array of activities — from researching to uploading your files on the cloud. The best part is, these plans are often less expensive than some fibre broadband plans!


How many devices are connected to the internet?

Figuring out the correct internet speeds can be tricky — but considering how many devices you use everyday can help. This is one of the most overlooked considerations as most students simply expect the broadband plan to carry out signals whenever they need.

However, if a lot of people connect to the same network at the same time, it can greatly slow the broadband speeds. If you happen to have a capped data plan, you can also find it running out even before the end of the month.

Can you commit to a long-term contract?

Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s the best deal! You have to check if the broadband plan comes with a contract. If you simply signed a contract without assessing if you can commit to long-term monthly payments, you may suffer the financial blow later on.

Most broadband providers offer broadband plans with a minimum contract of 12 months. Some providers may offer a 6-month contract ever now and then. While you can get a no-contract deal, they’re often limited and comes with higher monthly dues. 

What other subscriptions do you need?

If you need a mobile or power plan as well, you may look out for broadband bundles available in your area. Many providers offer not only broadband but also a wide range of other utilities and subscriptions such as Netflix and Spotify.

It may save you heaps of monthly costs to get them as a bundle! Plus, you avoid confusing monthly billing statements too! Of course, some of these subscriptions can be optional, so always check what you need as well.

What are the best student-friendly broadband plans?

The best student-friendly broadband plan is always relative to your needs and situation. Although, some broadband deals are definitely worth considering! Check out some of them right here at CompareBear.


Originally, Orcon offered their Fibre 100/20 broadband deal for $89.95! Luckily, you can now get this plan for $20 less for 12 months, setting you back $69.95 per month. What’s more, it offers another 10% discount if you choose to bundle them with your power plan!

  • Data - Unlimited
  • Speed - 100/20
  • Contract - 12 months
  • Termination - $250.00
  • Modem - Free rental
  • Modem Postage - $14.95


NOW offers personalised services, perfect for students looking to save money. Their Fibre 100/20 broadband plan is available at six months half-price deal for as low as $42.50/month! After the initial promotion, you'll pay $85 monthly.

  • Data - Unlimited
  • Speed - 100/20
  • Contract - 12 months
  • Termination - $199.00
  • Modem - $120 or BYO
  • Modem Postage - $14

Stuff Fibre

Stuff Fibre is an authority when it comes to fibre, and they won’t disappoint students for sure! They offer their Fibre 100/20 broadband plan for only $42.48/month in the first four months. Pay $84.95/month after the introductory offer ends.

  • Data - Unlimited
  • Speed - 100/20
  • Contract - 12 months
  • Termination - $99.00
  • Modem - Free rental
  • Modem Postage - $14.95


MyRepublic’s VDSL broadband plan is one of the fastest as rated by Ookla — a renowned global internet web service. It costs $79.00/month, which you can score with an additional discount that you can get exclusively by comparing here at CompareBear

  • Data - Unlimited
  • Speed - 70/10
  • Contract - 12 months
  • Termination - $240.00
  • Modem - Free rental
  • Modem Postage - $14.95


As expected with Vodafone, they offer budget-friendly broadband plans for students! Their VDSL broadband plan costs $83.00/month which you can get with an extra $10 off if you’re a new customer signing up on a 12-month term.

  • Data - Unlimited
  • Speed - 24/8
  • Contract - 12 months
  • Termination - $199.00
  • Modem - Free rental
  • Modem Postage - $14.95

Get personalised comparison at CompareBear

If you don’t know which broadband plan works best for your needs, then you’re at the right place! Simply use our comparison tool at CompareBear, and we'll tailor our recommendations and show you results in just a few simple clicks!

Get the best student-friendly broadband plan in New Zealand. Compare and save money with CompreBear!

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