Top 10 Power Providers In New Zealand For 2021

Date Jan 15, 2021
Blog category Power
By Staff Writer

2021 is looking promising for the top power providers in New Zealand. According to a survey conducted by the Electricity Authority from 1 December 2019 to 30 November 2020 with over 378,000 customers, there’s an interesting shift about how Kiwis are purchasing their power.

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Who are the most popular power providers in New Zealand?

The study has shown some interesting shifts in the power market. While big power companies still have the lead when it comes to customer count, small-time providers are now slowly narrowing the gap. 

Check out the most popular power providers in New Zealand. Take note that this is in no particular order. 

1. Genesis Energy

Genesis Energy is one of the biggest power providers in New Zealand. They have over 500,000 active customers, earning them the title of being the country’s ‘largest energy retailer.’ They offer big extras on top of their affordable plans, costing just over $2,000 annually, depending on your location. 

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2. Mercury Energy

Mercury Energy is proud to generate electricity from 100% renewable energy. They’re a great choice for Kiwis who are looking for sustainable power options. Aside from eco-friendly plans, they offer discounts such as Airpoints, and free power days. Best of all, they offer no fixed term plans, giving you flexibility and freedom to cancel anytime.

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3. Contact Energy

Being one of the most trusted power providers in New Zealand, it’s no surprise that Contact Energy has over 550,000 customers across the country. They partner their plans with exceptional customer care, which are open even during weekends! They also have some of the widest coverages, servicing even the most remote areas of the country.

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4. Electric Kiwi

Electric Kiwi may be one of the smaller power providers in the country, but they’re quickly rising to be one of the most popular among New Zealanders. They offer big rewards including free off-peak power and no contract plans! They’re also a smart provider, giving you the option to track your electricity usage whenever you like.

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5. Powershop

Although Powershop was only founded in 2009, they’ve been expanding their services across New Zealand. They guarantee big savings based on your existing bill, plus they offer plans with no fixed contract. Most of all, they have an online tool where you can customise your own payment terms and make it flexible!

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6. Nova Energy

Nova Energy has been around for almost 60 years, so it’s no wonder why most Kiwis trust them. They’re based in New Zealand, meaning that they offer plans that match your local needs. Although they’ve been in the business for a long time, they’re an innovative provider that offers bundling options to your other utilities like broadband and gas.

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7. Flick Electric

Flick Electric has only entered the business in 2014, but they’ve quickly risen to be one of Kiwis’ go-to when it comes to power. They’re a certified CarboNZero company with a good track record of being a fair employer. They’re also an honest company that doesn't include joining fees for new customers.

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8. Energy Online

With over 80,000 customers, Energy Online is committed to simplifying your power options. Adside from electricity, they also offer gas deals, both of which don’t have contracts. This means you don’t have to worry about cancellation fees! They have a simple process, taking only 5 minutes if you’re changing your address.

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9. Pulse Energy

Pulse Energy is a small power provider that focuses on offering electricity, gas, and other utilities to rural communities. As an independent energy company, they can price their deals. Although their specialty is power in the communities, they also offer plans in big towns and cities, costing only $1,950 annually.

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10. Meridian Energy

Meridian Energy generates their power through 100% renewable energy — be it wind, hydro, and solar. They’re a dedicated provider, covering almost 35% of the country and expanding more and more! The bonus is, they offer plenty of perks such as $200 free credit for committing with them long-term.

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Why do Kiwis prefer small-time power providers?

Smaller power providers such as Electric Kiwi, Powershop, and Nova Energy have seen a total of almost 44,000 new customers! This is due to their continuous efforts in creating innovative deals without the premium price tag. Aside from their deals, they also offer big discounts as well as the freedom to choose your perks.

What are the perks you should consider?

If you want a great power plan that suits your needs, consider the perks they offer along with their plans. Check out some of the best benefits you may want to take advantage of in your power plan from a trusted provider in New Zealand. 

Free hour of power per day

A free hour of power is one of the most beneficial freebies that most power providers offer. Coming from the name itself, you can choose an off-peak hour of the day. You can use all your appliances within these 60 minutes without getting charged in your bill.

Sign up credits

Sign up credits are something that your providers give you for committing with them. Usually, this can cost anywhere from $100-$150, and is usually spread out within the term you’ve signed up with the provider. It’s free and doesn’t cost even a single penny!

No fixed-term contracts

No fixed terms simply means a contract without commitments. You can terminate your plan anytime without having to worry about expensive cancellation costs. However, this usually doesn't come with perks such as sign up credits.

Bundle plans with other utilities

If you’re looking to consolidate your utilities within one plan, then find a bundle plan with other utilities. Some power providers like MegaTEL, Trustpower, Slingshot, and Contact offer this feature with their broadband and mobile deals. 

Who’s the best power provider in New Zealand?

The question of the best power provider in New Zealand is always relative. There’s not one plan that matches the different needs of every household. Some may find a fixed-term amenable, but others may find that this doesn't fit their needs. This is why CompareBear is here to provide fast and reliable comparison of Power providers in your area. Find the best Power provider for you, right here!